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  • 200 MTP Capacity Incubator
    Can we get a 200 plate capacity multirange incubator that uses the same cassettes? ...
  • Addressing of Cassettes
    Please will you tell me how the cassettes in the LiCONiC incubator for "SelecT" will be numbered? The incubator we have has them numbered 1 and 2, with each cassette having 22 levels...
  • Activate Shovel Service Mode
    My system stopped at the stacker in an Unload. How can I activate the shovel to check if the the shovel is positioned correctly? ..
  • Adjustment of Slide Station Motion on Flask Incubator
  • Alarm after access
    I do have another question regarding the Storex. The customer is asking, "I'm writing this e-mail to let you know that the incubator works fine after you switched it, the only thing is that the alarm goes off every time the plate is in or out of the incubator (it beeps right after the back window closes)."..
  • Alarm Sound on STXFER 32
    STX220 alarm sounds, when STXFER32 software is finished by ESC key. It doesn't stop even though unit's initialize button is pushed. Initialize by "ST 1900, ST 1801" only can stop it...
  • Align Transfer Station
    We receive the transfer station and have the incubator repainted. For assembly of the slide station we need to drill 2 holes. Could you provide urgently a drawing with the diameter and position of the holes...
  • Alignment Check Shovel in Cassette
  • Angel Transfer Station
    I am trying to integrate a below the worktable carousel. It will present the plate and then rotate 90 degrees. I would like it to just present at the rotation it goes to the top height at. However, I can not find any commands to "Set" the rotation. I can only find commands to read the rotation...
  • BCR Bad Reading at Transfer Station
    We observe unreliable reading of the BCR at the transfer station. The beam is centered nicely on the barcode. The reading in the stackers is ok...
  • BCR Commands
    BCR STX,LPX On this carrousel you position the carrousel and lift to the plate you want to read: "WR DM0 x" "WR DM5 y" "ST 1910". This will position the lift to the plate xy. When you're there...
  • BCR Height
    It sounds like the original problem (barcode scanner does not scan or searches too high for lower positions in towers) has re-surfaced. Perhaps there is an adjustment or some other option to repair this that Cosmas can suggest...
  • BCR Sample Program
    Can you send me a sample program that reads barcodes?
  • BCR Utility Tools
    The utility sent looks great except there are no instructions on how to use it. The .TXT file continue to be blocked. Please try sending as a .doc file...
  • BCR Option
    Please send me some information on this option Where does the BCR mount ? What kind of BCR is used ? Is the BCR laser with multiple capability and able to read codes 128 and 39 ?...
  • Beeper Errors
    This is how I've described plate handling errors. Can you please check it over and let me know the answers to the questions in red text?...
  • Beeping error after access
    We have some trouble with a Storex 40. It gives a "beep" error every time it opens the handler door! Do you have any hints, suggestions? ...
  • Behavior after Emergency Stop
    I have a couple of questions about the operation of your incubator: 1. Please can you describe the actions that your incubator takes when the following occur: - Emergency Stop. - Does the system automatically recover, and is it able to continue if a plate is being transferred by the robot at the time of emergency stop? ...
  • Calculate Deepwell Pitch
    For the open air carousel, what step size should we use for the deep well plate (DM23)? ..
  • Capacity Problem
    We are using an STX200 incubator and carousel at Infinity Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge Massachusetts...
  • Carrousel Connector Layout
    We have a problem with the carrousel positioning. Can you send me a wiring diagram? ..
  • Carrousel does not Rotate
    We recently sent our customer (Pfizer) the rollers to replace a seized roller under the main carousel plate. However, they report that the carousel still will not turn. They can turn it freely by hand when power is off...
  • Carrousel does not stop rotating
    Unbeknownst to me, we had a 9 cassette StoreX unit in our loading dock. I just connected it and sent the initialization command. The carousel homes quickly, then slows down when it approaches cassette 1, but never stops! Is there something wrong with this unit? Maybe the home sensor?...
  • carrousel Rotation Interval
    During normal operation, the robotic carrousel rotates periodically. At what time interval does this occur ?..
  • Carrousel Rotation on pressing Knob
    Carousel turns by pushing initialize button When STX220 is not control by outside device, the carousel turns to CW for 1 step by pushing initialize button for 1 time...
  • Carrousel Rotation Timeout
    Does the carousel rotate one hotel position every 30 seconds when it is inactive or do you have to issue the Access Complete command ST1903 to tell the carousel to rotate one position every 30 seconds? ...
  • Carrousel Safety Switch through Door Interlock
    We are currently integrating an open air carousel into a work cell with guarding. It has been brought up that it would be useful to have the carousel by pass switch activate when the guarding door is opened. I would like to implement this using a interlock or limit switch...
  • Castor STX SA Transfer Height
    I notice from the photographs the STX40 is mounted on flat feet and the brochure indicates a pick off height of 1000mm. Is there a revised height of 1030mm as per the STX1000 and 500 and is it also mounted on castors or are these possible options that must be specified at ordering...
  • Change Lift mechanism
    We have a problem with the lifting mechanism on the Humid incubator. It is starting to seize in the drives, we have lubricated it and it works for a while then starts stopping again...
  • Change of DM, STXFER-40
    Late last week I sent an email stating a problem with the counterweight. We have been changing dm25 to 27 nests from 28 nests. This works well until we turn off the incubator...
  • Change of the DM82
    The change of the DM82 will only be effective after a initialization. After you changed the value you have to send a Reset (ST 1900) and then re-initialize the unit (ST 1801). The change of the value in DM82 will lost after a power cycle.
  • Change Shovel Fast Speed
    I am having a slight issue with a HS carousel and have a couple of questions. The HS carousel is being used on a large system and a problem is being caused by the handler speed and the plates moving on the handler at plate retrieval...
  • Check Transfer Station Position
    I bought a used cytomat 6001 from a company which was closing down. It came with test software disk from Liconic, but the command codes are not listed. I wanted to test the positioning of the swap station by having the shovel go in and out....
  • Cleaning a Shaker
    Do I have to remove the stackers and the shaker for cleaning the incubation chamber of an STX40 Shaker? ..
  • Climate Measurement Probe Tube on STX500 STX1000
    There is no hole in the glass door of my STX500 like there is on the STX40 or STX220. How can I take external measurement of the climate inside the incubation chamber? ...
  • CO2 Adjustment II
    There are two potentiometers on the display. The lower is offset the upper gain. 1) Identify the two potentiometers ...
  • CO2 Adjustment
    We are testing the incubator with CO2 option. When connecting a reference gas bottle (4.98 % CO2 in Nitrogen) the display on the front panel is 6.10%. Is that normal? ..
  • CO2 Connection
    I have a user at Novartis with some questions regarding their CO2 connection with the StoreX. 1) Is it okay to use copper tubing for the connection? 2) What should the inlet pressure of CO2 be regulated to? ..
  • CO2 Consumption
    I need one document that describe CO2 consumption rate , or flow rate. Yes, I know consumption rate depend on how often operator open the door and hitch is opened. ...
  • CO2 Diagnosis
    - Read CO Setting "RD DM894". To write setting enter "WR DM894 500" (sets to 5%CO2). - Read CO2 TimeOut "RD T92". Should return "0". If "1" is return power cycle system. ...
  • CO2 Display always reads Zero
    My CO2 always reads zero on the display. I floated the incubation chamber with CO2 through the hole in the glass door as you asked me to do but the reading would stay at zero. ...
  • CO2 does not reach level when accessing
    Looks like I was a bit premature with the StoreX 500. The CO2 level did go up to 5% but as soon as the door was opened a couple of times the level fell back to 0 and never rises. ...
  • CO2 Fine Adjustment
    There are two potentiometers on the display. The lower is offset the upper gain. In case of minor adjustments on already pre-adjusted instruments use the lower potentiometer (CO2 offset) only. ...
  • CO2 Incubator that is not detection CO2
    CO2 Incubator that is not detecting CO2. It reads "0" CO2 in both the software and on the incubator's display. Our FSE was in there today and was able to bypass the sensor and valve. He > said the incubator did fill with CO2. He is suspecting the CO2 sensor to > be bad. I sent an email to Cosmas last night explaining the situation. ..
  • CO2 overshoting problem
    Since Cosmas thought that my problem may be with a clogged pinhole, I decided to cut that part of the tube and hook the tube without the pinhole directly to the CO2 pump. That didn't work...
  • CO2 Pressure Range
  • CO2 Principal of Operation
    Customer needs to calibrate CO2 every 6 months and is asking where the CO2 comes into the incubator's chamber. I tried tracing the blue tubing from the intake to the CO2 PCB but I loose it at where it comes in...
  • CO2 Valve does not open 2
    We have two units: STX 200 serial number 3044/IC STX 200 serial number 3043/IC...
  • Color Code
    Nous devons repeindre un appareil refus par des clients japonnais qui n'acceptent pas les erraflures sur les toles...
  • Combined CO2 and N2 Gassing Option
    Our customer is asking the option of CO2 and Nitrogen together of how we can do this...
  • Command Software Version
    Is there a way for you to provide a command for the Steri-Cult incubator that reads-back the firmware VERSION of the robot? ..
  • Communication Loss after Power Cycle
    While testing the Novartis uHTS Factory system we are working on at RTS there have been times that the StoreX units have locked up and even when we have turned them off and back on again we have been unable to communicate with them using our device driver...
  • Communication Problem
    A few weeks ago I contacted you about a problem that we had with the one remaining Tecan Carousel. The driver had suddenly lost communication with the PC...
  • Concentration CO2 Option
    What O2 concentration supports the O2 option? ...
  • Condensation on Glass Door
    Are attached photos concerning the 44 unit we have: strong condensation was observed on the door. Please comment and tell me our you what are your recommendations...
  • Condense Water in CO2 Tubes
    I have condense water in the tube of the CO2 system. The output voltage of the CO2 sensor is 4V instead of 5..6V...
  • Condensation around the Gate
    Can you please forward us the climate conditions the unit is running at? Temperature:[Svetlana Nadel] 53 C Humidity Setting:[Svetlana Nadel] 93% (but it will fluctuate as the gate opens/closes)...
  • Connection for Download
    Es ist darauf zu achten, dass Ihr einen PCI Comport verwendet (kein USB) und, dass Ihr das Update direkt auf den PLC-Eingang gebt. Das Kabel am D-Sub-Male sollte direkt auf das galvanischeTrennboard oder auf die SPS gehen (s. Foto)...
  • Connector Display (IDC)
    Please send me a schematic of the connector pin out for the Temp Humidity probe...
  • Content of DM29
    I had an interesting question from one of my reviewers. There is a command that allows you to specify how many hotels to use. The default value is 7...
  • Cooler Cleaning Dust Removal Procedure
    Cooler Condenser Dust Removal Condenser Cleaning...
  • Cooler Gas Recharge
    My name is Jesus Presa and I works by GlaxoSmithKline in Tres Cantos Spain, I have several LiCONiC incubators in production and I need to recharge the gas in two of them...
  • Cooling does not work
    On an STX1000-DFSA (Deep Freezer) we have +38€™°C...
  • 64. Copper Chamber
    Could you send me all the technical information that you have about these three item for which I have no more information...
  • Cytomat 6003 handling connector
    Frage zum Cytomaten: Der Stecker der Handling Einheit und die dazugehörige Buchse sind total korrodiert. Außerdem ist ein Pin abgebrochen, der noch oben in der Buchse steckt...
  • DC Unit Temperature too Low
    it looks as the fan never stops working on ser# 3318. Please prepare replacement parts for this unit, I will provide you with shipping address tomorrow...
  • Debouncing Switch Reading Swap Station
    I've been looking into the "Turntable failed to rotate" problem which was happening. It looks as though the signal which was being read to indicate that the rotation was complete€“ either address 100 or 101 depending which way it is rotating - was bouncing....
  • Decontamination
    Wie kann man den StoreX dekontaminieren? ..
  • Decrease icing inside
    How can I decrease the ice inside...
  • Deepfreezer Size
    Are all the incubators capable of -20c storage or just the 1000? Thanks in advance....
  • Default Carrousel Rotation
    Kannst Du mir bitte den Command schicken, den ich brauche, damit das Carousel im Storex 500 nicht dauernd dreht?...
  • Default Rotation
    Sorry that I missed your visit last week. Just a couple of points: 1) Please could you send me your activeX interface document 2) Please can you confirm the temperature control...
  • Defrost function Dry Cooler
    What controls the defrost function an a Dry Cooler? Can the defrost cycle be influenced?...
  • Defrost Parameters Cooler
    DM 86 ist der Maximalwert für den Start des Abtauzykluses? Und kann ich den Temperaturverlauf während des Abtauzykluses beeinflussen !!...
  • You may remove the feet
    You may remove the feet. The gap is required on cooled SA version only..
  • Drew in chamber
    After you had given me your advice about STX200 CO2 control, it has been running perfectly. But now I have new problem about dew on inside of glass door...
  • DF Defrost Procedure
    Complete Defrost Procedure STX1000-DF Deep Freezer...
  • Diagnose of CO2 Sensor
    To check functionality of the CO2 sensor: All hoses to and from the sensor should be condense water free. If there is water inside the tubes the gas conditioner is defective....
  • Diagnosis Electronics Removal Module
    The entire Controller Electronics is mounted on a single Electronics Module. For diagnosis the Electronics Module may be removed and operated externally...
  • Difference between SA und BT
    What is the difference between StoreX-..SA and StoreX-..BT? ...
  • Different Plate Size per Stacker or Carrousel
    Dave's customer is asking if they can mix and match plate sizes within an incubator. Is it possible to have both standard and deepwell plates in the same incubator, or at least some racks of each? ..
  • Difference between STX BT and BTIT
    We are working on the quotation for 4 incubators and we hesitate between STX 40 BT and STX 40 BT IT On the list price, there is no description difference except the price Could you explain what is the difference between the 2 models?...
  • Different Plate Pitches in one cassette
    Can we use cassettes with different pitches inside the same unit? We'd like to store compound plates and tip boxes in the same instrument...
  • Dimensions Incubation Chamber
    Can you provide the internal dimensions on the STX 500, 600 and 1000...
  • Dimensions of Gate MkII
    StoreX Gate MK II STX40-BT, STX200-BT, STX500-SA, STX1000-SA..
  • Disable CO2
    I have a customer that is not using CO2 with his Liconics plate storage unit. We have silenced the CO2 sensor by pressing one of the buttons. The customer would Like to disable this completely...
  • Disinfection Autoclavation
    Wie kann man einen StoreX STR240 am besten dekontaminieren? Kann man die tower herausnehmen und dann autoklavieren? Kann man den Innenraum mit 70% Ethanol / Isopropanol aussprühen? ...
  • Display Shaker Speed
    Our customer at Harvard wants to verify the shaking speed for this unit. Will you have a digital display in order to confirm speeds? ...
  • DM20
    I could not find a more detail description on the following commands in the command set. Can you please let me know what the commands will do, their default values, and ranges are? ...
  • DM24 DM22 Transfer Height does not work
    The value used for DM24 doesn't work. I doesn't matter what we set the value to -- the shovel goes to the same height every time. I've tried a whole range of values, only to arrive at the same result....
  • DM for Alignment of left and right carrousel
    It ends up that the entire left carousel is slightly misaligned. Which value controls the alignment of the left carousel? DM80 or DM81? ...
  • Door Switch Input 005
    Input 005 (Door Switch)
  • DR Models Climate Functions
    We see model STX220-DR ( Dry Wide Range ) on your website. Can this unit be used for low temp + dry / higher temp + wet, with water pan on the chamber floor for "wet condition" ? ..
  • Drive Solenoid through X-fer Stations Port
    I have a couple of questions for you which I need answered ASAP. We are in the process of sending one of our systems to Germany, which will include a LiCONiC carousel. This carousel will have a lift elevator attached to it's nest...
  • DWP MTP Handling
    I would like to confirm that all incubator mechanisms are able to handle both deepwell plates and microplates by just changing the racks, pitch and transfer station position...
  • End Access
    Do I have to set the 1903? ..
  • Error 4000h
    Just got an error, where we timed out waiting for the ready bit. The code was 16384. What does that mean to you? ...
  • Error Code
    I got an error code that's not in the manual. I issued RD 1814 and I got back 1 indicating that there's an error. So I issued RD DM200 and I got back 08961...
  • Error E1
    Pourriez-vous me dire quelle est la signification de l'erreur E1 lorsqu'elle est retourn’e par le Stx....
  • Error List 1
    Overview Status Process Flow Messages ...
  • Error Message DM200
    Could you forward me a copy of the error register. We need to understand what a status change from 1300 to 1313 (error) is telling us...
  • Error Recovery
    We have an issue with the error handling of the robot system. The problem has to do with the fact that the incubator automatically tries to recover from an error by retrying the last transfer, if it fails...
  • Error when downloading firmware
    I've tried the latest version of software you provided with the same result. At the end of download it gave me the message "Error during writing program to PLC!"...
  • Export not finished
    I have a problem here with one of the robots. Here's the sequence of commands that I've issued...
  • Faulty Power Supply
    It looks like the power supply unit does not work. This is the "test fit" power supply that you sent to Thermo Forma for them to test fit in the incubator...
  • Feet Dimensions Feet on LPX220
    The foot diameter is d= 50mm. The feet are located at the corners of a rectangle 650x510 mm...
  • Firmware Update Software
    In order to update the firmware, do I have to use KV STUDIO(KEYENCE's PLC EDITOR) or something? If so, I will download trial version of the software from KEYENCE's site...
  • Flow Rate Nitrogen
    What is the nitrogen flow rate required for the STX1000 units?..
  • Functionality Test Procedure
    To test functionality I propose to run the following tests in StxCyt32.EXE and one plate placed at 1,1 location...
  • Fuse blow on cooled StoreX
    We keep on blowing the fuses in the Storexes. What rating and size should we use? I remember last year you sent us some, but we have run out. Could you let us know, so we can see if we can order some here?..
  • Fuse on Controller Board Blows
    A customer is having trouble with unit at NY , it is a STX40 , apparently the fuse that is located on the main control board is blowing...
  • Gate falls down 1
    Since I misunderstanding the problem, please see correct information from Wakenyaku below. 1. This problem happen inside box. 2. The serial number is "S/N SIN0404015"...
  • Gate on STX500
    Can we get it with the door (gate) below the transfer station (like the STX200 SA)? Otherwise we would have an interference problem with some of our robots...
  • Gate Risks
    I'm particularly interested in the risk analysis, especially as it pertains to the door mechanism at the back. I've looked at it, and it would appear that if something...
  • Glass Door detection
    Is there a command to read if the glass door is open? ..
  • Glas Door lose
    I'm not sure what type incubator they have. The FSE was at this site as well today for another issue. When there the glass door of the incubator feel off...
  • Glass Door Sealing
    We see condensation around the upper left corner of the front glass door. What can we do? ...
  • Grease for Lift
    Can you update me on grease for the rollers ...
  • Handler mis-aligned to Transferstation
    after 273 plates completed in a 396 plate run, the STX 200 #2 failed in a move plate from the STX 200#2 to PW384. ..
  • Handling Connectors Standard vs. Easy Clean STX40
    Standard Handling Connector, Handling connector for STX40 Easy Clean...
  • Heater Connector
  • How do I connect CO2
    How do we connect CO2 to the incubators? Special tubing? Interfacing connnectors? There seems to be a pressure fitting there but is missing the internal ferrule or maybe it doesn't need one? ..
  • How do I Implement an Alarm
    Could you tell us where the alarms for CO2 and Temperature are on the LiCONiC incubator and how they operate? It appears as if the LiCONiC incubators on the Selects have no alarm outputs...
  • How does the Active X Parameter File work
    Does the active-x library require the code from the incubator to be read-out, then the parameters modified, and the code then written back? ..
  • How doeas the Easy Clean work
    We want to know how the easy clean work€™s. Iis there any more information other than the website. ..
  • How does the STX40 Shaker work
    Is there any information you could send me regarding the possible STX 44 shaker unit..
  • How may Watts is the Gate Heater
    As I understand it, you have a some type of heating element on the Gate that is on all the time. Is this true ? ..
  • How to Activate a Swap Station
    There was an STX40 unit purchased for another project. When the external swap nest is installed on this unit, are there any changes required on the STX40 to make it operational? Can the ThermoUpdater 4.6 program be used with the STX40 to enable / disable the swap nest. ..
  • How to adress bi-level
    I have one last question for now. There isn't a way to directly ask for the number of carousel stacks whether or not the StoreX is bilevel..
  • How to Connec CO2
    A customer wants to run an incubator (Stx200, #3012) with Carbon Dioxide (it has not previously been run with CO2) by tomorrow afternoon. However- The incubator ICP has no tabs for running CO2. ..
  • How to detect Swap Station
    Can you please tell me how to read the Glass door sensor? Also, is there any way to query the device to find out if it has a user gate or swap station? ..
  • How to detect CO2 option
    We currently have a LiCONiC 42 pos. incubator part of one of our demo systems. We would like to be sure that the CO2 regulation is available and already fully installed on this equipment. ..
  • How to detect the glass door switch
    Can you please tell me how to read the Glass door sensor? Also, is there any way to query the device to find out if it has a user gate or swap station? ..
  • How to Disable Carrousel
    I need a drawing to disable the ambi carousels we have here at Novartis (s/n 8111 & 8112). The information you and Wes provided will not work on these as these carousels are disabled via the stepper card and not the PLC...
  • How to number plate slots
    have one last question for now. There isn't a way to directly ask for the number of carousel stacks whether or not the StoreX is bilevel..
  • How to read Bar Codes BCR at the Transfer Station
    Ich warte dann auf die Befehlsliste fürs Barcodelesen (Carousel und Transfer Station) diese Punkte habe ich in die offizielle Pendenzenliste aufgenommen...
  • Unit not responding
    1. check connection from PC to the unit ( correct connectors and cables ) 2. check the communication settings..
  • How to read End switches of Swap Station
    While the turntable is rotating, our software waits for about 2.5 seconds then reads and logs the values of the turntable position flag at 1912 and one or other of the sensors at 100 or 101..
  • How to use Plate Trace
    Plate Trace funktioniert noch nicht. "Beim Get from Transferstation" und anschliessendem "Put into Carousel" wir ein Plate Trace error 0D erzeugt. Die Platte war aber im Stacker Carousel...
  • How to use the Plate Presence Sensor
    Front Shovel Sensor funktioniert in der neuen Version nicht mehr wie vorher (RD 1808), Eine Beschreibung der Routine wird benötigt...
  • Humidification Control
    Yet another question: What does this RH option on the StoreX give us? ..
  • Humidity at 4 deg C
    RH on the incubator's display was lower than target RH. How can I do for it? ..
  • Humidity Control
  • Icing in Bottom Pan
    I'm€™ having a problem with the last incubator that you shipped. We are getting a lot of ice build up at the bottom of the chamber when we have the temp set to +4C...
  • IDC Analog Sensor Cabling
    The early StoreXs have an IDC analog temperature / humidity processing. The connectors 2.4 and 2.5 are located at the displays...
  • Incubator with 260 MTP Capacity
    We have another possible customer who needs to incubate 260 standard 96-well plates at a time. Do you have a unit that large, or will he need several smaller incubators? ..
  • Incubator Hotels
    I do actually have a few questions : 1) Do you have both incubators and hotels? 2) can the microplates be handled with lids? ..
  • Initialization Command
    I am doing some tests on a Steri-Cult R program that was written by us to control the incubator. I have noticed that at the end of the program the instrument seems to enter in an error stage. ..
  • Initialization problems
    schon letztens haben wir Kondenswasser an der rechten Glastür vom StoreX beobachtet. Heute sind wir der Sache mal näher auf den Grund gegangen...
  • Installation of the Shuttle Staion
    1- Replace the control board with the delivered one..
  • Integration of StoreX
    I recently saw LiCONiC at the MIPTEC event. I would be interested to understand your product range, and from White Carbon's point of view,..
  • Invert Turn Station Motion
    We want to initialise our turn transfer station in the opposite angle. Is this possible?
  • Karussell Geschwindigkeit
    Ein Kunde von uns möchte den "Rotations-Speed" (Initialisierung Geschwindigkeit) verlangsamen. Wäre dies am HS Carousel denkbar?
  • Karussel max. Kraft
    Ein Kunde fragt uns aus Sicherheitsgründen, welche Kraft beim Drehen des Tecan-Hotels (Standard, nicht High-Speed) wirkt...
  • Kondensation Nutzraum
    Ich habe einen StoreX 40 installiert. mechanisch funktioniert das gerät einwandfrei, jedoch bilden sich starke Kondensationen an den wänden und an der Glastür. dies tritt auf, obwohl das system jetzt schon seit tage ununterbrochen eingeschaltet ist. ..
  • Lifetime Turn Belt
    I was asked by one of our Service Engineers to ask you about the shovel belts for the STX40 and STX200 incubators. He has seen where the current belt being used basically melts..
  • Location of Default Jumper in SMC Board
  • Motor Direction Definition
    There are four jumpers the jumper at the innermost position is the direction definition. These jumpers are read during start up. ..
  • N2 Display reading
    N2-display reads 77.3%. The controller returns 0. ..
  • Nachrüsten BCR
    Ich habe eine frage zum STX40: Ich installiere gerade einen STX40. jetzt soll ein integrierter Barcodescanner nachträglich eingebaut werden...
  • No Temperature Control
    We still have several problems with the StoreX 40 HR. First we had a phone call from the customer that the plate handler stopped during a run...
  • Noisy Gate
    On incubator two on system 3 the door mechanism seems to be excessively noisy. I have lubricated the nylon gear mechanism, and the bearing guides...
  • On Cooling Unit Fuse is Blowing
    We have a LiCONiC model STX40 refrigerated incubator, serial number 1286HC installed here on a system. Our technicians have noticed that if the power is turn on within about 10 minutes of turning it off, then the main 8A fuse will blow.
  • Overdrive falls down on User Door Access
    The overdrive should not fall down when the user door is opened. The overdrive falls down when the user door is opened if this axis is electrically disabled together with the carrousel...
  • Overheating under teh desk using STR
    We are having problems with an STR 44 HC overheating the EVO deck that it is underneath (see message thread below). Is there anything that can be done about it?
  • Pin Layout RS-232 Connector
    Können sie mir bitte den Pin-Out des RS 232 Stecker bitte schicken. Es wäre Klasse wenn es noch Heute klappen würde...
  • Plate Capacity STX
    I would like some definitive answers as to the capacities of your STX200, STX40 incubators and your plate hotel. In particular, how many 384-well plates can these devices accomodate. Nobody here seems to be quite sure...
  • Plate Detection on Transfer Station
    Have some strange activity with a LPX 44... It seems like the sensor on the transfer station does not let a plate be placed until it is "active"...
  • Plate Sensor on Transfer Station
    Got the carousel today - looks great. Just got one question - does the transfer station that you shipped to us for this system need a sensor attachment?
  • PLC I/O Locations
    Input and Output Connector panels are screw type connectors. Inputs and outputs are located on the PLC Micro controller and the Expansion Module both located on the Electronics Module...
  • Power consumption of the STX40
    How much is the maximum consumption of the incubator? (400W on the brochure, but 0.8KW on the tag on the back of the incubator.(See Tag.jpg))...
  • PP Sensor DM27 Height Adjustment
    Ich habe fragen zu der Plate Sensor Abfrage bei einem STX220. Unser StoreX Treiber soll jetzt auch den Plate Present Sensor (1808) abfragen..
  • Replacement Fan
    I need a replacement fan for the LiCONiC Incubator. Can you please tell me how I can purchase one?
  • Reset Button
    There is no need to press the button. You may simply send the "initialize" command which will initialize the system.
  • Retrofit of CO2
    Is it possible to retrofit or exchange our LiCONiC 20-50°C Incubator with CO2 option? How much it would be?
  • Retrofit of Shaker
    Is it possible to retrofit or exchange our LiCONiC 20-50°C Incubator with CO2 option? How much it would be?
  • Rollers STX1000
    Footprint STX1000 and Roller location
  • Saving Permanent Changes of Configuration DMs
    Is there a way to permantly set the number of hotel stacks, shelves/hotel, and shelf pitch (DM29, DM25, DM23) permanently in the firmware like we do with the z-travel, turn axis, etc. variables that we save with the "Thermo Updater" program?
  • Schaufelbewegung
    Die Schaufel läuft gleich wie bei den älteren Versionen (DC-Motor). Der Motor verfügt jedoch über zwei Geschwindigkeiten.
  • Shaker Commands
    Danke für das Command set. Ich habe noch drei Fragen dazu: ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒDu hast bei unserem Telefonat erwähnt, dass der Shaker bei einem Zugriff auf den StoreX...
  • Shaker Data Information
    Do you offer a shaking incubator? Could you send me descriptions and costing information if you do offer this product..
  • Shaker Orbital Speed
    Can you let Mark and I know what the orbit and speed is of the shaking option on the StoreX 40?
  • Shaker Option other than STX40
    Does the shaking option come on any other model other then StoreX40?
  • Shaker Stops Occasionally
    The first incubator still stops shaking after a period of time. On one occasion, when the shaking had ceased,..
  • Shaker Data
    What wear are you seeing now?
  • Short Circuit of STX40-IC
    Suite à nôtre conversation téléphonique je vous prie de me faire parvenir le shema de cablage de l'incubateur liconic qui cause des problèmes électriques sur nôtre installation...
  • Shovel does not extractOne of our Service Engineers is seeing a problem on a LiCONiC STX200 SN#3183BT Incubator. The problem is that the plate shovel will not move...
  • Shovel Mechanism Moves Slowly
    We have an early STX500. The shovel mechanism has become very slow.
  • Shovel Motor has no torque
    Shovel motor has no torque. I measured 11.5V on the d-sub connector of the module (pin. 13) Is this normal?
  • Shovel Motor pots for Speed and power
    I need a picture of the shovel motor pots for speed and power, Some thing that points out which is which and how many turns is normal to change them...
  • Shovel moves too far
    Quick question. Sometimes the shovel on our incubator serves the plate out a little too far onto the tray, so it'€™s not sitting flat in its slot. Is there a way to adjust this, i.e. a data memory adjustment?
  • Shovel Potentiometer adjustment no reaction
    There is no reaction on the potentiometer adjustments for the shovel. This is a HS-system.
  • Shovel potentiometer Loc Intermediate Bd
    Xfer Station Torque, XFer Station Speed...
  • Shovel Potentiometer Intermemdiate Bdf Adjustment
    1 Turn unit off Put current measurement probe at pin 15 of 25-pin D-SUB connector (handler) (C1.1)...
  • Shovel Reacts at Full Speed
    I have a quick question for you, please. During the two-day class you gave several weeks back, there was a command line that you inserted and/or sent to the incubator that prevented the shovel motor from "launching" the plate at full speed into the stacker. Apparently it only happens on the 1st plate?
  • Shovel stuck in cassette
    1. What should a user do if the shovel is stuck in the cassette? Would they manually remove the shovel from the cassette but leave the plate handler facing the shelf, and leave the carousel in the same position?..
  • Shovel Turn Adjustmnet Service Commands
    We are having trouble getting the s/w (stxfer-1.exe) to rotate the plate shovel. The only commands that works are the up and down keys and the shovel extend..
  • Sicherung bei Kühler
    Ich hab mal ne technische Frage: Pfizer in Groton hat Euren StoreX DC S/N 1010. Leider fliegt ständig eine der beiden 2A Sicherungen raus, die unten hinten im Einschub neben dem Kaltgerätestecker sitzen...
  • Slide Station on Beckman FX, Travel
    Our distributor in Japan would like to know what is the travel distance of the plate on the 'slide' transfer station. This is to put the plate directly from the StoreX 500 onto the deck of a Biomeck FX. Do you have this data ?
  • SMD Direction Jumper Settings for STRs
    Direction Channel 1, Direction Channel 2
  • SMC Motor Current Setting
    The Motor Controller controls two axis (Channel 1 and Channel 2). The motor current is set for each channel by two resistors. Some cards have one axis (Channel 1) mounted only.
  • SMC Stepper Card Connector disable Carousel
    Disable Carousel - Pin C6 Goes to PLC Output 506
  • SMC Stepper Card Connector
    Data (+) lines are connected to +24V. Data inputs are low active.
  • Special Plate Height Cassettes
    I have just been given additional information about Novartis Boston, they will want to use 384 way Nunc plates, which are over 17mm high. Please let me know what you can do about this for us...
  • ST 1801 function of button
    Does the ST 1801 command do the same thing as the robot reset button? Does the user have to send the ST 1801 command and press the robot reset button?
  • Stack StoreX SA on BTIs it possible to stack a stack a StoreX 200 BT on top of a StoreX 200 SA? I am concerned about whether the bottom incubator could support the weight of the top one.
  • Stacker Cassette Numbering
    Can you please quickly clarify how the towers and slots are numbered in the StoreX 1000? (I.e. the "m" and "n" values). In the unit I was testing with in Liechtenstein, the towers were numbered sequentially (1-22?) and the slots sequentially from the floor up (1-58?).
  • Stacker for Tip Boxes
    Before we make any mistake I want to know the maximum height in the deelwell cassette.
  • Stacker Pitch Value for CRS HandlingI have a few questions about programming the plate handling system. We are selling two types of stackers, one for regular plates, and one for deep-well plates. I understand that the default value in the PLC is for regular stackers with 28 shelves.
  • Stacker and Shaker Reinigung
    Müssen die Stacker und Shaker zur Reinigung des Brutschrankes ausgebaut werden
  • Steam Injection Steam Temperature
    We need information on how the steam controlled humidity, I know basically how it works but not sure to the likes of what temperature the deionised water is heated up to once it enters the Liconic.
  • StoreX Beeps after Sending the 1801 Commands
    In our driver we send a ST 1900 (Reset) and after we initialize (ST 1801) the StoreX will still beep. Any hints on this?
  • STR44 1915 Ready Definition
  • STR240 SMC Motor Ready Inputs
  • STX40 Different Height in Stacker One and Two Tilt of Turn Axis
    Use one hand to hold lift wagon in position
  • STX500 Capacity
    A couple more StoreX 500 questions for you: 1) What is the actual capacity of the StoreX 500 with standard cassettes and how many plates are there per cassette?...
  • STX500 Ready
  • STX1000 Entlüftung
    Unser Kunde möchte einen DMSO Abzug haben in der Decke des StoreX. Ideal wäre eine Öffnung mit einem Flansch mit einer Anschraubmöglichkeit.
  • STX1000 Slide Installation
    Thanks for the info. Here in lies the problem. I am excited about the performance of the STX 1000 however, the automated access door is on the long side of the store...
  • STX1000 SMC Cards and Module
    STX1000 SMC Cards and Module
  • STX BCR communication
    Thank you for your help the other day with the periscope install. I completed that last night. Well today I was installing a new StoreX 200. John and I were trying to test the BCS function of it....
  • STX DF Door Temperature
    Schon letztens haben wir Kondenswasser an der rechten Glastür vom StoreX beobachtet. Heute sind wir der Sache mal näher auf den Grund gegangen...
  • STX DLL Bridge
    Now I checked a lot of the funtions in the driver. The movement functions seem to work. But the function InventoryCassets does nothing (no movement) - the InventorySlot works correct....
  • STX Family Overwiew
    I'm interested in getting some basic information on your range of incubator products. I'm particularly interested in the robotic compatible versions with basic incubation and also with CO2.
  • STX Manual Access
    On the STX200 how do I manually turn the carousel to retrieve plates manually?..
  • STX stop with Gate open during Load Operation
    Problem described : Plate on the shovel and plate on the transfer station , machine in alarm , I asked them for log code to review , which I attached in this e-mail,...
  • STX Versions of Heraeus
    Es besteht weiteres Interesse an Ihren MTP-Lagersystemen. Bitte senden Sie uns Angebote über Ihre Produkte STOREX-40 und Heraeus Cytomat 6003...
  • STX IOs
    StoreX Series PLC I/O'€˜s
  • Swap Commands 2
    We've got an Overlord installation which uses a LiCONiC carousel with a 'Turn' Station. The driver we have written does not use the OCX, its an old driver which uses the serial commands.
  • Swap Commands
    Can you provide information on how to run the swap station. I am looking for command set (i.e. ST1903 etc.) and also when it sends the command to turn...
  • System does not React on Commands
    Der telefonisch beschriebene Fehler trat während des Programmablaufs auf. Der LiCONiC lieferte die MTP134, die wurde auf dem System verarbeitet und gesealt auf den LiCONiC zurückgelegt..
  • Temperature Alarm
    I would like to know if there are any alarms or way to use the audible alarms on the LiCONiC incubator to signal an out of temperature event? How would we set those values?..
  • Temperature and RH are too High
    The temperature is too high. The display says ~40C but the inside temp is around 31.2C. Also RH seems to be off as well. During the night CO2 went up to 10%....
  • Temperature Control
    1) Please could you send me your activeX interface document 2) Please can you confirm the temperature control. From our telephone call I was under the impression that we could run a separate application to control the temperature...
  • Temperature RH Sensor Failure
    The temperature and humidity display show 0.00. I want to check the cables. Can you send me the schematics? The StoreX number is #1142.
  • Time Temperature Cahnge
    There is no specification. The reason of the relatively slow temperature ramp-up is in the safety design of the unit...
  • TMP Lifter - Cascader Fetten Lubrication
    Schmierung TPM Lifter Auswaschen des alten Fettes..
  • Transfer Station Inputs 100 and 101 on MPH
    Cosmas, I cannot read 100 or 101, but I know the inputs are working since with out a jumper I am unable to burn in the unit. Could you please look into these issues and get back to me...
  • Transferstation Connector
    Could I get a pinout of the db15 connector located at the transfer station (where the nest sensor plugs into). I also would like to know if the command set is the same as Kendro devices..
  • Transferstation Position Control 1912
    When we use different transfer nest options (i.e. the swap nest, plate re-orientation (90-degree rotate) ), do we need to upgrade firmware to enable this feature..
  • Travel Length Slide Station
    Can you tell me what is the max length of the plate shuttle on a 9 tower plate hotel. I would like to put it at the back of an EVO & be able to access with RoMa..
  • Turn Belt fall off
    After running several hours the belt which rotates the hand-off inside the incubator came off. It didn't break,..
  • Turn Swap Transferstation
    When a customer orders the optional 90 or 180 degree transfer station, how does the software know that the new station is installed ? ..
  • Two Transferstations Command Set
    Für eine Projektanfrage, wo ein Periskop StoreX mit 2 Ausgabestationen eingebaut werden soll, brauchen wir dringend ein Command Set...
  • Unit does not Cool - Overtemperatur Switch
    STX40-HRBT does not cool down to 15°C. Temperature stays at ~30°C...
  • Using Top Shelf
    Any news on the file update for our carousel to allow us to use the top shelf?
  • Various access
    Yes, for ambient at low temperature you need active drying. If you just cool, you end up either dry or humid..
  • Various Climate
    Stabilität der Temperatur bei geschlossenem Gate (37°C +/- x °C)..
  • Various Plate Height and tip Boxes
    I have a questions regarding all the incubators. Can they be configured to hold standard plates and tip boxes in the same incubator?..
  • Various stacker pitches or plate heights
    I have some additional questions regarding using cassettes with different pitch offsets and changing the plate handling device so it can handle larger plates...
  • Wasserbad Befeuchtung
    Befindet die Befeuchtung durch ein Wasserbad statt und kann dieses Wasserbad leicht gereinigt werden (Steriltechnik)..
  • Water Low alarm
    To press and hold the reset button will cancel the "Water Low" alarm. This alarm can also be canceled remotely (e.g. when you use no water)...
  • What Comport to use for STX with BCR
    I hear your shipping the incubators tomorrow, congrats. I was wondering if I could get the latest release of the STX and documentation...
  • What is second d-sub connector on the back
    Thanks a lot by your information. I'm sure it will be useful for us. I have only one additional question:..
  • Why do I need a Gassing Conditioner
    I do not think it makes sense to require a Gassing Conditioner upgrade for every Storex that uses the CO2 port...
  • Winkel Schaufel bei Transferstation
    Wenn die Schaufel aus dem Schrank kommt ist der Winkel nicht richtig, die Schaufel ist nicht rechtwinklig mit der Front Platte vom Schrank. Wie können wir diesen Winkel Software mässig einstellen...
  • Wiring Center Magnet of Transferstation
    How is the Center Magnet on the Transfer Station wired?
  • Zugriffe werden nicht ausgeführt
    Lift fährt hinunter. Zugriffe gehen verloren..
  • Carrousel does not initialize or turn
    1. check if the door switch is activated ( RD 005 ) should read 1 1) check for small indicator light next to the glass door latch..
  • CO2 not controlling to set-point
    1. check if the set-point value is correctly programmed (RD DM894) 2. check if the correct gas is connected to the unit..
  • No power at the displays
    1. check incoming power 2. check if incoming power and green front switch is turned ON
  • Plate detection sensorWhen using LiCONiC software we do not monitor the plate sensor that is located on the shovel mechanism, it depends on how the upper level software is structured..
  • Temperature not conrolling property
    1. check if the internal fan is working 2. check if the area is sufficient and clean around the condensing unit 3. check if the ambient temperature is not to excessive...
  • Temperature sensor trouble
    1. when all "000" are displayed in temperature display 2. when very high negative temperature is displayed ( less then -25 Deg ) 3. when temperature display is not changing at all..
  • Unit not responding
    1. check connection from PC to the unit (correct connectors and cables) 2. check the communication settings..
  • Beeper Signals
    The table below lists the implemented system alarms respective status information signals. Flags correlating with the specific alarm are also given....
  • Black Knob on Front Panel
    Can you please tell me what happens under the hood when a user presses that black button on the front of the STR240?
  • CO2 Sensor filled with Water
    The CO2 Sensor on one of our systems is filled with water
  • Comport Hang-up
    I received STX , ETX characters through the comport. Then the comport was blocked.
  • Error 13 Hex
    Eric at AZ is having some problems with one of his older STX500's. Serial: 4003, FW ver: 6010. He has encountered the following error codes, when performing plate imports and exports:..
  • Error Recovery - ST 1800 Soft Reset Command
    Again, for time being, please provide information how to have STX220 release error, return the place then re-try the process.
  • Green Power Switch Burned
    The green power witch melted twice on our STX1000. What can we do?
  • Handler does not Position to Correct Cassette when Reading Barcodes BCR 1910
    Ich habe dich letztens ja schon mal angesprochen wegen dem StoreX 40 und dem ST 1910 Kommando, wo der Arm sich nicht auf die adressierte Kassette gedreht hat
  • Over Temperature Switch comes
    To set the temperature to low value to check if the cooler starts. It didn't and he attached a plot, starting from when he set the temp.
  • Reading Error on Plate Detection Sensor on STX40
    The customer says that sometime a plate was no€™t detected by the shovel plate sensor. But it i€™s very rare case, so the problem did no€™t reappear when I visited customer site and tested...
  • Solenoid Chattering
    On my STX40-HRBT I occasionally hear solenoid chattering..
  • Solenoid Coil Mounting
  • STR240 Periscope Gate through Angel Position
    What it the DM for periscope position STR240 when lift goes above the gate ( DM85 ) ? should be at position 4..
  • Sudden Temperature Drop
    If you look well at the file cooling 061006_2.bmp, you will see a drop of temperature at -23deg.C.
  • Swap Station 1912 command does not work
    We replaced the standard TurnStation against a SwapStation. The 1912 command does not work..
  • Swap Station 1912 command still does not work
    We replaces the standard Turn Station against a Swap Station. We installed the new FW (V5.0.00) with 3105 activated but the 1912 command still does not work
  • UCI Comport Error E795
    Beim Prüfen der Firmware mit dem von Tecan entwickelten Macro Test Tool kommt es immer wieder vor..
  • Update of plate detection sensor 1812 and 1813
    Can you please advice, if the input on PLC changes as the plate is detected than why the 1813 is returning 0 ?...
  • UPS STR240
    I need your help regarding one of our customers that is currently using the STR240 incubator integrated to one of our BioCel....
  • User Door Switch does not Work - Bypass Switch
    In order to facilitate Service and Maintenance Work a Door Bypass Switch is implemented. The Door Bypass Switch is located on the connector panel of the Electronic Controller..
  • Error Code #13
    wir besitzen seit ca. 5 Monaten eines Ihrer tollen Liconic-Hotels (LPX 220; Serial No. 3477). Leider brach es nun zum zweiten mal..
  • Glass Door Leaking
    As promised here is the picture of our Storex. I do not know if you can see the water/condense on the glass door but there is still some left even though we switched it off?
  • Manuelle Karussell Positionierung
    Wir haben hier den STX110 stehen. Darf dort das Karussell manuell gedreht werden (z.B. um mehrere Stacks zu wechseln), oder kann dann Schaden an der Mechanik entstehen...
  • On Issues with the Gate End Switch
    Finally, the problem which I have reported in March was detected again on STX40 (S/N: 1316) and I could get its error code with "RD DM200"...
  • RS 232 Error E1 when Command sent via hyperterminal
    As anticipated in our conversation today, I attempted to communicate with the incubator via RS232 commands using MS Windows hyper terminal....
  • Shaker Plate Slip
    We have a Shaking 44 here that we are running @ 1000 rpm. The plates are "dancing" all around in the racks and therefore...
  • Shovel does not Lift up Plate ate Transfer Station
  • STP1000 TPM Lifter Loses Height Position
    The TPM lifter did not pick the plate really at the center on the shovel position. I have then readjusted the lifter to the left (mechanically at its limit, more and the cable of the lifter is hitting onto the TPM box at the target position)...
  • STX1000 Side Access Transfer Station
    For side access on an STX1000 there are two possibilities: 1.Shuttle Station + Simple Solution - Transfer Location far to the back...
  • Wheels or Feet and Transfer Station Height
    Wheels: The STX500 have no wheels as standard. If someone asks us to install wheels, we would take the wheels we install on the STX1000...
  • 296. Build carrousel in refrigerator
    Can our customer built in his carousel (9x21 plates) into a refrigerator? Are there risks?..
  • Cabeling BCR Board
  • Communicatin Problem
    A few weeks ago I contacted you about a problem that we had with the one remaining Tecan Carousel. The driver had suddenly lost communication with the PC..
    Purpose It was found that the adjustment of the Shovel Assembly needs to be checked after transport and€“ if necessary - re-adjusted...
  • LDR Commands
    Command Syntax For communication only a few commands are required. A command is an ASCII-string which is sent to the controller...
  • RS232 Connector Layout
    The engineering guys here on site have put in some work to get the third Tecan carousel unit functioning, we had it all working fine until yesterday when we lost comes between the PC and the carousel...
  • Single commands for carrousel positioning
    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit per facts oder gemini oder single commands die Teller gezielt in eine Position (1-9) zu steuern?..
  • Slow down BCR scan
    I was wondering if there is a command to slow down the barcode scanner speed and the regular carousel...
  • Slow down BCR scan 2
    I received this email to change the speed of the barcode reader that reads the plates in the carousel...
  • Casters STX1000
    Does LiCONiC have smaller diameter casters for STX1000? We need something smaller to lower the unit..
  • Transferheight STR240
    You show the maximum reach of 1000, can this be changed using software?..
  • Color Codes
    These are the two colors currently in use White: RAL9016 Gray: RAL7016...
  • Plate are not put correctly on Transfer Station
    Error: The plate is put to far out...
  • Shovel touches plates in cassette
    When shovel are picking plates from the towers the shovel are very close to bottom of the plates in some positions...
  • Change of lift speed
    One of our customers would like to speed down the lift in the incubator. Is it possible?..
  • Connector Type CO2
  • CPU does not switch CO2 on
    We've just finished installing the STX 520 ( SNo 3553 ) and have a small problem with the CO2. The display is reading 0.02 - 0.05 with a CO2 set point of 5%..
  • Deep Freezer running at plus Temperatures
    This STX1000 is currently running at -20C, we need this at +18C, I know you mentioned before we need to adjust the expansion valve, please send procedure ASAP so we can get our refrigeration guy to adjust this.
  • Drivers for STR240
    We have a customer who wants to integrate a STR240-HCIT in our system...
  • Glass Door open Error
    I have sent Daniel a couple of emails regarding this problem, he is saying the LiCONiC isn't responding to the get plate command...
  • Heaters do not work 1700 flag
    Thanks to your advise to send "RS 1700", 1700 is now "0", PLC 513 is ON and switched heater gets AC100V. Temperature in the chamber is rising toward the set point..
  • Liconel Appearance
    As far as we watch the chamber, it looks as standard stainless chamber, not Liconel. Does Liconel look like standard chamber ?..
  • Plates are not put correctly on Transfer Station
    Error: The plate is put to far out...
  • Random Communications loss
    Attached you see the log file of the Storex Unit from our system. The communication is always canceled and this completely random...
  • Shovel touches Plates in Cassette
    When shovel are picking plates from the towers the shovel are very close to bottom of the plates in some positions....
  • Shovel Motion stops when loading Plate
    The STX220 often stop when load/unload. When I tried to move shovel plate mover, it was little bit hard to move. I guess some parts are worn or Motor does not work smoothly..
  • Time to reach 37 C Temperature on STX220
    It seems the heater turns ON, but not long enough; thus taking a long time to reach the set point. What can be the cause ?
  • Transferheight STR240
    You show the maximum reach of 1000, can this be changed using software?
  • Adjusting CO2
    The CO2 is showing a wrong measurement when compared to a reference measurement..
  • Selenoids Replacement in out
    Just as a precaution, is it possible to get a diagram or a description of where the "in" and "out" connections of each solenoid should be soldered?
  • Pump Gassing
    Is it normal that the CO2 pump is always running?
  • Color Codes
    These are the two colours currently in use White: RAL9016 Gray: RAL7016
  • Connector CO2
  • CPU does not switch CO2 on
    We'€™ve just finished installing the STX 520 ( SNo 3553 ) and have a small problem with the CO2 The display is reading 0.02 -€“ 0.05 with a CO2 set point of 5%
  • Deep freezer running at plus temperature
    This STX 1000 is currently running at -20°C, we need this at +18°C, I know you mentioned before we need to adjust the expansion valve, please send procedure ASAP so we can get our refrigeration guy to adjust this..
  • Drivers for STR240
    LiCONiC STR240-HCIT Cat # 9143 00 92 Is it possible to use the usual Driver (STX Server)?
  • Glass door open error
    Just for your info, I have sent Daniel a couple of emails regarding this problem, he is saying the LiCONiC isn'€™t responding to the get plate command..
  • Heaters do not work 1700 flag
    Thanks to your advise to send "RS 1700", 1700 is now "0", PLC 513 is ON and switched heater gets AC100V. Temperature in the chamber is rising toward the set point...
  • Liconel Appearance
    As far as we watch the chamber, it looks as standard stainless chamber, not Liconel. Does Liconel look like standard chamber ?
  • Plates are not put correctly on Transfer Station
    Error: The plate is put to far out
  • Plattenhubweg in Kassetten zu klein
    Habe noch eine Frage - wenn ich den Endlostest StxCyt732 test laufen lassen will, holt die Schaufel das Rack im Stacker 1 Level 1 und verfährt dann aber zu wenig hoch und kann das Rack in der nächsten Position nicht einschieben..
  • Random Communication Loss
    Attached finden sie das log file vom Storex der Anlage. Prinzipiell sehen wir immer einen Abbruch der Kommunikation und dies völlig random.
  • Shovel touches plates in Cassette
    carousel Model no: 189MP163DWP REF 10612312 S/N 611000001
  • Shovel Motion stops when loading Plate
    The STX220 often stop when load/unload. When I tried to move shovel plate mover, it was little bit hard to move. I guess some parts are worn or Motor does not work smoothly....
  • Time to reach 37°C Temperature on STX220
    It seems the heater turns ON, but not long enough; thus taking a long time to reach the set point...
  • Backup Machinery Refrigeration Failur
    What additional equipment necessary to maintain for the station in emergency situations (disruption of electricity, failure of the refrigeration unit, etc.)?..
  • STR240 has no Power
    Carrousel has no power, 1811 returns "1"(=door is closed) Carrousel is electrically disabled..
  • Change Timer
    We have a customer who had purchased one of the newer versions of the REMP SSS (StoreX1000) that has a 5-pin socket that allows for a dry contact alarm signal to...
  • Implementation DM40 Tranferheight STR240
    We used to use command "WR DM225", but this device cannot recognize the command. We need to use new command "WR DM40"...
  • Shaking of Yeast
    Can a 1mm Shaker keep yeast floating?
  • UCI direct Connection to BCR
    If we only have one connector can we still use the BL setup program for BCR reader?
  • Error 18
    STX220 returned 10258 to DM200. ErrConv software says it is Err18. Remote Operation V0710 doesn't have the error code.
  • Plate Slips on Shovel
    We have an intermittent problem, please see the video. This predominantly occurs with Costar plates and often on the first one or first few plates of a run.
  • Lower Lift Position
    We are trying to put 65mm plates into STX40 shaker Ser.Nr. 1524, it seems as we cannot go lower than dm22=1, I told him maybe move the zero reference lower, please read his response below..
  • Standard Leveling Feet
    Please confirm that the STX110 has the same leveling feet as the other incubators
  • Error Code #2684
    We seems to have new issue at Novartis with one of the STX1000 ser# 3589 , FW 7120. The error code is 26384, pickup from transfer station , goes inside and time out error.... ???
  • N2 O2 Gassing Option Performance
    1) Your flyer says the N2 controlling range is 75-99%(%vol). What the potential customer is looking for is O2=1.0% and CO2=0.5%. Can it be controlled ? Can it be achieved by having both N2 gassing option and CO2 gassing option ?
  • Climate Performance Optimization
    I was reviewing the log files and noticed that the file from February has an erratic humidity reading while the latest log is stable at 87-88%. Do you think that this is having the affect on the temperature control because we are heating to increase humidity?
  • Temperature Fluctuations Cooling
    Can a 1mm Shaker keep yeast floating?
  • Why use Bar Code Reader
    Why Bar Code Reader?
  • Handshake Mode 1610
    wir benötigen die Schritte: - Platte rausbringen - Schaufel runter..
  • O2 N2 CO2 Gassing Option low O2 Concentration
    As you know, I on site with the STX44 3 gas option, S/N 1528. I meet some difficulties to adjust the N2/O2 regulation. The customer wants to use it in a hypoxic mode at 1% O2.
  • LPX Plate Hotel Gate Location Transfer Station Configuration
    As you know, I on site with the STX44 3 gas option, S/N 1528. I meet some difficulties to adjust the N2/O2 regulation.
  • Shaker Integration
    Shaking Issue on STR240 We are using shaking on the unit. This works fine, however, everytime we do a Load or Unload plate...
  • Black Knob Funktionality for Carrousel
    When the multi-function switch on the front panel is depressed to reset an alarm, it also causes the carousel to index several degrees...
  • Serial Number of StoreX
    How to find Serial number of StoreX