Automated Bio-Libraries
Biospecimen sample management has always been and remains the main field of market success for LiCONiC due to unmatched equipment reliability based on experience in low temperature automation, proprietary refrigeration technology and well-thought-out software architecture.

Biobank is a storage place for thousands,and up to millions of biological samples (human, animal or plant tissues, DNA, RNA, biological liquids, blood or its components, ect.) that may be used for future medical research. The difference between traditional sample collections and the biobank concept is that samples collected in a biobank can be used for a variety of future research needs, not just for a defined specific research purpose.

This ensures biobanks follow strict operating procedures during acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and distribution of the samples used for the research purposes to ensure reproducibility of the results. One of the key factors to the success is consistency of storage conditions full traceability during whole life cycle of the specimens, together with the user friendliness which is guaranteed with the LiCONiC BiOLiX series of products
Featured applications
  • Population based studies
  • Tissue and specimen banks
  • Epidemiological research
  • Environmental studies
  • Synthetic Biology Research
  • Stem Cell / Cord Blood banking

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