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... Innovative Compound Research Integrity for Biology
LiCONiC is driven by its position as the world’s leading provider of a broad spectrum of off-the-shelf and custom made automated storage solutions for numerous applications: from providing incubation of plates and other labware within various climates and conditions to storing of the high value biosamples and compounds. LiCONiC products are often integrated into large and complex systems. The universal user-friendly hardware and software interfaces make the integration of LiCONiC systems both simple and smooth.

What's New:
iSTX Line from the brand new StoreX iSeries
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With the new iSTX Line LiCONiC advances further ahead in its position at the leading edge of the technology. The new iSTX Line offers unique new features which incorporates both, ideas from existing users and latest achievements by LiCONiC’s applications and development groups.

    • I found the company to be highly collaborative, working in partnership to develop innovative sample storage solutions. The overhead sample picking design is an example of such, minimising the energy consumption, running cost and environmental impact of the store.
    • The products were robustly engineered, with intelligent backup incorporated into the design e.g. dual cooling compressors and LN2 cooling option, in the event of a prolonged power outage.
      The service support was always excellent, with a quick response by phone, email or in person, as required.
      A particularly appealing feature, is the user friendliness of the store software. It enabled lab technicians, with limited training to load and unload the store, without supervision. Equally the link between the stores database and the LIMs system was straightforward.
      I have no hesitation in recommending LiCONiC as an excellent provider and partner for a Biobank looking for a reliable, user friendly sample store, that, critically, will be well supported in the long term.

      Paul Downey, MBA
      Senior Scientific Development Manager
      Imperial College London
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