Custom Made Solutions

Built For Your Specific Needs
LiCONiC has out-of-the-box systems for automated storage of any sample, however we are specialized in customized solutions for any project. Either space constraint, unique labware, high temperature incubation, ultra-low temperature storage, special humidity, ultra-high speed or linear/orbital shaking is your requirement LiCONiC is able to fulfill it due to its unrivalled experience and R&D potential.
Custom Made Solutions
LiCONiC products are built for high-tech automation applications often based on custom solutions that can be integrated into any automated system or be used as a free standing system.
If you have a liquid handler, high content screening system, reader, washer, or any instrument that needs automated storage we are the right solution for keeping your samples in the ideal environment. LiCONiC automated storage devices handle a variety of formats, any size microplate, petri dish, flask, tube or slide, we can store it, retrieve it, and keep it in the exact conditions that are optimum in a very stable environment.

Featured applications
  • Flip chip bonder - has all the features needed to carry out successful bonding, including vertical bonding movement and placement
  • Universal Diebonder – best for modern mid-sized microelectronic manufacturing with 5 µm accuracy
  • Bioassay dish incubators that cope with extremely frequent accesses while maintaining ultra-stable conditions inside
  • Waste Disposal Unit to protect workers and assays from contamination