The Tumanbay-for-Netflix Pitch Box

A Pitchbox challange
It is always difficult to show projects that are developed in secret. How much and what can I show? I designed the pitch materials for this production giving the world of Tumanbay an initial first visual feel. They were presented to Netflix, Starz and a couple of other top channels 'for consideration'. One of them got it, the rest is obviously a secret under development.
Here are just a few examples of the materials I made – The Map of The Great City of Tumanbay. Designing the Map was fundamental in setting the mood of the Tumanbay world and the city itself the right initial mood. Other materials in the presentation box were the script, a proof of concept short, concept illustrations and photos etc.

Map of The Great City of Tumanbay
One of the Tumanbay Character Sheet pages
Tumanbay Treatment excerpt