Case: Liconic

The Client
Liconic is a world leading producer of specialised fridges and incubators dedicated for storing genotypes and other organic and chemic samples. The units vary from desktop sized to small houses with capacities to –196°C, all hermetically sealed. These are delivered to both private and stately institutions. It is difficult to give the clients a traditional guaranty so the trust for the company and its products must be as absolute as possible.
Challenged by dynamic competitors in this narrow branch, Liconic had a dusty image from the 90's. It was crucial for them to get back in the visual game with a fresh design keeping the lead in this so Futuristic branch.

On the table
Liconic HQ in Liechtenstein came to me with an initial idea make a video to their webpage. As they quickly understood that their site had to be modernised, remade, this became a priority.

The Challenges
The more I learned about the client and their flaws, the more interesting the project became. Liconic had an inviting potential to become great, even "beautiful". The products, surroundings and above that the people – the most important – were very motivating.
Since they had not worked with professional creatives before the process in the beginning was difficult. Initially I noticed the product portfolio being a mess which made a logical hierarchy in the website structure already impossible.
The difference between existent design and currant trends was so big that changes felt huge to the client. Despite a plan for gradual modernising the owner was worried to say the leased.
After we restructured the portfolio together with the marketing dept. and the website started taking shape, I also suggested a revised graphic profile including new product logos. We rendered all product models in a coherent style, re-wrote copy and texts, etc. The CEO and all Sale managers around the globe were delighted about the new look and feel.
I even made a couple of photo-shootings in varied subjects about Liconic as 'right' materials were missing.
Then came the backlash.
The owner, who made the old logos himself, decided these remain after all (not coherent at all). This also soon concerned the misleading product names, then the product hierarchy and then the subpages with technical specifications.
My plan was to develop the graphic profile in all channels and give the company a serious face, however this did not seem to be the possible any longer.

The new responsive webpage was delivered being bombed with mixed new and old content from the 'old era'.
I informed the CEO I could not lead this project any longer as the company profile does not represent what I professionally stand for.
The end.

My version »
The official version »

Some of the photos I shot for the Liconic tour at the HQ:
Parts of the Brandbook for Liconic:
The webpage footer:
Early WIP of the Liconic product hierarchy:
Some more photos I took for the webpage tour: