Case: Creantt

The Client
Creantt was funded as a Creative Hub or BrainShop for a London-based Indian IT-company. With 8 offices and 350 employees globally was to design digital products and services in renowned Stockholm and produce everything in Chennai and Bangalore in India.
The Stockholm office (in Kista Science Center) hired very competent assets within Creation, Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

On the table
My duties as Creative Director was to create and be responsible for all creative actions globally. However, this Case brings up only my corporate Design for Creantt itself.

The Challenges
Since Creantt was a startup (with already 350 employees) and did not have any smart procedures yet, the beginnings were slow. For starters it was obvious that the product portfolio was overloaded with 1/4-mades and had no sales-tools or delivery procedures.
So, sitting in Stockholm, working on establishing a functioning pipeline and trying to boost the creative qualities in India at the same time, the Creantt CI was taking form.

The Making
To create the logo for Creantt was easier as the idea of using a Tesseract came internally. Since our agency would handle many different styles on our clients behalf, our own profile had to be simple, agile and easy handled as of elements, not to interfere with our client's portfolio.
– The familiar and expected balance between 'the perfect amount of design in the design' since we first of all design for others and not our selves should shine through too much, was not considered.
While digital services generally like minimalism the Indian management in London had ideas on how colourful it should be to attract clients from Asia as well...
A pussel of bricks to fit... I went with simple geometric, almost oriental forms and filled them with a strong, both Asian and Western palette.

It worked.
We made a great dynamic webpage, fresh presentations, sales-materials and more.
After 2 years of solid efforts to explain the Scandinavian market to the management in India/London, the investor closed down the endeavour because the production in India still could not meet deadlines and quality levels expected in Scandinavia.

Sales materials for selective delivery:
Parts of the brandbook for Creantt:
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