The iCheetah Case

The Client
iCheetah is a logistics platform concept optimising transport in real-time. Their value proposition is to make highly cost-effective deliveries and pick-ups possible using real-time optimised transport routes based on demand, offering and current operating conditions.

On the table
This US client came to Creantt with an initial concept and a brief structure for their platform, and we got the task to develop and design an advanced desktop and mobile app prototype that would disrupt the whole logistics branch in the USA.

Since we got just a sketch of our clients needs our first challenge was to map the real need with a detailed driver-, structure the flows – ordering, payments, order status etc. On top of that we got a strict timeframe of 45 days to deliver a functioning prototype.
After establishing this complex structure I designed a functional colour palette together with a design bridging the specifics of the adopted personas and the companies future profile. The client also had thoughts about remaking the logo with us.

The traditional branches of Transport and Logistics are today being progressively digitalised. Our challenge was to prepare not only the design but also plan the transition of changes and successively alter the heavy-load-sector good ol' bookers – previously using pens, books and generic tracking methods, to a more effective, digital format and making the changes as pleasant as possible.

We practically worked with our client 24/7 with our production team in India. It was very interesting to co-create such a innovativ application for a branch that til now had belonged to the most generic and traditional.
The structure we made and the design I did, was most appreciated.
The Color Palette for iCheetah:
Excerpt from the Driver/Customer flow (mobile version):
Excerpt from the Customer flow: