• E-cyklopedia case
    Case: Ecyklopedia
    The Ecyklopedia logo builds on the name concept and is adding more visual depth to it. All the carefully designed elements are well thought through and explained on the following pages. The premises were to build an energetic logotype and design a wide concept into a modern symbol.

    On the table
    Since ergonomy and aerodynamics are strong characteristics for all the products in the branch, it was natural to strive for that in the final look of the logo.
  • Liconic case
    Case: LiCONiC Instruments
    Liconic is a world leading producer of specialised fridges and incubators dedicated for storing genotypes and other organic and chemic samples. The units vary from desktop sized to small houses with capacities to –196°C, all hermetically sealed. These are delivered to both private and stately institutions. It is difficult to give the clients a traditional guaranty so the trust for the company and its products must be as absolute as possible.
    Challenged by dynamic competitors in this narrow branch, Liconic had a dusty image from the 90's. It was crucial for them to get back in the visual game with a fresh design keeping the lead in this so Futuristic branch.

    On the table
    Liconic HQ in Liechtenstein came to me with an initial idea make a video to their webpage. As they quickly understood that their site had to be modernised, remade, this became a priority.
  • iCheetah case
    Case: iCHEETAH
    iCheetah is a logistics platform concept optimising transport in real-time. Their value proposition is to make highly cost-effective deliveries and pick-ups possible using real-time optimised transport routes based on demand, offering and current operating conditions.

    On the table
    This US client came to Creantt with an initial concept and a brief structure for their platform, and we got the task to develop and design an advanced desktop and mobile app prototype that would disrupt the whole logistics branch in the USA.
  • Creantt case
    Case: Creantt
    Creantt was funded as a Creative Hub or BrainShop for a London-based Indian IT-company. With 8 offices and 350 employees globally was to design digital products and services in renowned Stockholm and produce everything in Chennai and Bangalore in India.
    The Stockholm office (in Kista Science Center) hired very competent assets within Creation, Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

    On the table
    My duties as Creative Director was to create and be responsible for all creative actions globally. However, this Case brings up only my corporate Design for Creantt itself.
  • Library case
    Case: The Library
    A personal filmproject
    For now I cannot tell too much about this as it is under development.
    However, the concept at this stage is a lot about making a big library, so if you are interested anyway, here is a start:
    The meta-physics of my bookmaking. Scraps become books.
    Paper is an ensouled medium. It can bear anything you write on it. It carries an amazing potential to convey any imagined world or emotion.
    Yet some papers end up thrown away in vain, without a line, letter or scribble on it. A bit like talented people ending up in the gutter and I feel a bit sorry for that wasted potential.
    Some sheets of paper carry the Constitution while others end up in the toilet. Many end up in the trash as an untouched Carte Blanche...
    It’s a playful thought I serve myself as I am regaining that lost potential of the paper that was not lucky enough to meet a better destiny by making them part of the Library.
  • AeroParts Now case
    Case: AeroPartsNow
    AeroParts Now sells aero parts online and saw that the many brokers delay shopping and degrade buyer experience a lot. This is a problem as any plane on the ground generates great costs.

    On the table
    AeroParts Now came with a revolutionary concept that would be a game-changer on the aeroplane spare part market in the US. All parts would be gathered on one site to be shipped, replaced or serviced at minimum delay.
    In order to actualise their concept, we chose to co-develop the concept along with our clients and we decided to take it up from scratch, from designing the Information Architecture to handing out the high level prototype.

    The Challenges
    Our primary and almost overwhelming challenge was Time. We had been approached with a time frame of two months to co-develop, design and deliver a prototype for an e-commerce portal, including an app for multiple devices. That, and the fact that our clients are from the US and our daybreaks were 6 hours apart, which meant that we had to build a team that was working round the clock.
  • Volvo case
    Case: VOLVO – The XC90 VIP Mahogony Box
    During my 7 years for Volvo Cars I had many great projects, but I can't help bringing this one up as one of the most directly satisfying – The XC90 VIP Mahogany Box.

    On the table
    Volvo came to me with a request: Since the delivery of the first VOLVO XC90 cars had been delayed by a last minute software change, these premium clients had to wait 6 months longer for their darlings. Volvo needed to reward their patience with some kind of exceptional recompense.

    The Challenges
    Firstly, creating a gift with the Volvo premium feel and still being universal as of application, use, purpose, interests, gender etc. Secondly, a low edition of 35 pieces maintaining top quality with short time for design, accept, production and delivery. And thirdly, to make it 'a durable, solid and long lasting good memory'.
    One of the bigger technical challenges was the customised production of the mahogany boxes and for every edition to fit the mobile modell with interior and all (mobile boxes differed). After tests from three producers the right technology was confirmed.
    Also to fit the specially made chrome XC90-logo metal badges correctly on the lids was tricky.