Case: AeroParts Now

The Client
AeroParts Now sells aero parts online and saw that the many brokers delay shopping and degrade buyer experience a lot. This is a problem as any plane on the ground generates great costs.

On the table
AeroParts Now came with a revolutionary concept that would be a game-changer on the aeroplane spare part market in the US. All parts would be gathered on one site to be shipped, replaced or serviced at minimum delay.
In order to actualise their concept, we chose to co-develop the concept along with our clients and we decided to take it up from scratch, from designing the Information Architecture to handing out the high level prototype.

The Challenges
Our primary and almost overwhelming challenge was Time. We had been approached with a time frame of two months to co-develop, design and deliver a prototype for an e-commerce portal, including an app for multiple devices. That, and the fact that our clients are from the US and our daybreaks were 6 hours apart, which meant that we had to build a team that was working round the clock.

The Making
Our creative team went to work and their challenge was to come out with a design that is not only outstanding in the branch but would become a game changer. It had to have a fresh identity and still identify with the branch. The colours, the style, the design had to speak the language of the industry and be consistent through the prototypes for buyer and seller journeys. Our communications were rapid and round the clock, across three continents and multiple time zones via every medium possible. Deadlines were of utmost priority and relevance to the success of this project.

We handed over the design and its mobile app version to our clients in due time. Our design and the architecture were highly appreciated by our client. A pat on our back from a happy client means a thousand words of praise for us.

Seller Dashboard examples:
Buyer Dashboard examples:
Buyer Check Out:
Shopping Cart:
Search Result / Seller Listing:
Seller Profile - Shipping / Certifications and Approvals:
Seller Profile / Product Info Page:
Alternative designs for the new AeroPartsNow logo:
Early WIP of the AeroParts Now Colour Palette: