The Library Project

A personal filmproject
For now I cannot tell too much as it is under development. However, the concept at this stage is a lot about making a biiig library, so read some of the meta-physics of my bookmaking, here is a start:
Scraps become books.
Paper is an ensouled medium. It can bear anything you write on it. It carries an amazing potential to convey any imagined world or emotion.
Yet some papers end up thrown away in vain, without a line, letter or scribble on it. A bit like talented people ending up in the gutter and I feel a bit sorry for that wasted potential they carry. Some sheets of paper carry the Constitution or the certificate of birth while others end up in the toilet... Many end up in the trash Carte Blanche.
It’s a playful thought I serve myself as I am regaining that lost potential of the paper that was not lucky enough to meet a better destiny, by making them part of this great Library. A library with a greater purpose.

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Now back to making books!