The Sentinel №01 droid build

A personal build
I made this droid mostly from scraps and leftovers and what we usually call trash.
The backstory is that it is made to watch over a specific object, person or area.

I have two different thoughts around this project:
Every time we shop we bring home lots of matter that goes right in the bin, to the growing mountains of trash. If we have to bring it home let's at least do something better with it.
I'm thinking, it's funny some of us are making robot toys, when in maybe 20 years these will be everyday-machines working near to, or instead of us. Maybe even threatening our existence through AI.
Nevertheless – here is toy – still a toy.

Choosing the right parts for the project keeping a coherent style is like a pleasant puzzle. The Density and Contrast in design are two other aspects helping to stay within the frames of an 'understandable' style. Some parts have to go in pairs (left & right) – sometimes possibly turned mirror-wise. Also sometimes a part has so many cool ways to use it that it's hard to decide with to pic.

See it on Behance too »